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Heaven Flight

Gloria, In  Madina at the Yeboah Market

Heaven Flight operates on the principles of 

Ecclesiastes 11 : 2 &11
Ship your grain across the sea;
after many days you may receive a return.
2 Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight;
    you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

11 Give generously, for your gifts will return to you later. 2 Divide your gifts among many,[a] for in the days ahead you yourself may need much help.

The clients are not required to pay back for the containers that are built. They will be gifted the services and if and when they are able to earn an income they will pay it forward to someone else through our Entrepreneurship and/or Outreach Programs. The objective of the Outreach Program is to help women who are already working in the streets as a entrepreneur and, those involved in prostitution, sex trafficking and/or who are homeless to achieve Entrepreneurship . The Outreach Programs of Heaven Flight desire to be a bridge for those who can't find or get long-term help.  This is where we can help!

Heaven Flight will provide these women with the businesses they desire through our Outreach Programs. We will provide and use the business as leverage to get the women off the streets. We will provide the land, the building and the container for them. Without a proper container (building) to host their businesses most women give up on the hopes of real Entrepreneurship. They have seen women in their communities work hard like this and still earn very little money to sustain themselves. Yet, some do it because they must and it’s a step up from what they are used to. These women desire the ability to feel good! The ability to own something of their own without having to pay for it upfront or every month. They desire to live integral and with the dignity that so many of them have lost. Can you imagine the pride they will feel from having and growing their own business? Can you imagine the sense of esteem they will feel from having to hire someone instead of being hired?  

 Picture of Gloria - above In Madina at the Yeboah Market  ( a client )  Tax collectors come daily. Her prayer is for one retail store in the market area. We need your support.

Our Mission


The Mission of Heaven Flight is to provide Entrepreneurship and Outreach services  to people in need. Heaven Flight desires to change the lives of individuals living in poverty by helping to provide 

business ownership by building containers.  We are providing these for free.  The women are in need of land, metal or wood containers , cement, roofing.  Stable housing for apartments. 

We are looking to build a gated community for those from prostitution /sex trafficking to transition for a 2 year crises prevention of Truma services.  A community for women to work  through a program to assist them to live a better life after they have been ordered to come to us after being arrested.  They will live in a placement apartment and have access to skills and day care . The needs of rehab for behavior modification on assessment.  Our goal after 2 years they will be able to have a grant assistance to live on their own out side the Heaven Flight community and a business establish   

The Lives We Impact


Melissa Dotson is the CEO . She decided to travel to Accra Ghana every month and, give away her salary every month to make sure Heaven Flight does more to make a impact. Melissa Dotson  is the sole sponsor for Heaven Flight.                              

We met Naomi and began to know about her situation in December 2016, since then we could not stop thinking about her.We made it our business to change her situation and many who are like her in Accra, Ghana. 

Naomi is in need of better living conditions.  Naomi went from selling nothing in a abandon home to selling fruit to selling clothing from the investment of funds from Melissa Dotson and providing food. 



Oyarifa Ghana 

Cabin Content



Most understand the hard life of selling items with a basket on their head. They desire more. The way we see it is, if you just provide clothes to them or items for them to sell in the street with a basket on their head they find that life very hard.

Two sisters Juliett & Rose ( clients ) being interview by Melissa Dotson. They have walk the streets for 3 years 5 miles a day; back and forth with carrying baskets of pocketbooks on their heads.

late night of going home to cook for their kids if they made money for the day to eat.

The Outreach Services :

 Many services will be filtered through our Outreach Programs. The women we serve are desperate and need sound counseling  and deliverance.  Other Outreach Services at Heaven Fight. Melissa Dotson was a advocate for violence in Rochester NY.  She  has worked in violence and,  has experience violence in her own personal life.  Teaching women of violence with tools to protect them self's in an event of violence.  She will provide self defense work shops. In the outreach the women will be given a foundation for import &  export of goods. Learning how to obatin provisions to feed themselves. 

Food Pantry – Heaven Flight There will be a food pantry that we will facilitate in Ghana because there is not one. Our plans are to get business owners with major food chains from the US to donate their food. I can pass out the food from my location once a month as I travel to Ghana. Other donors will have the opportunity to donate food and/or money. The food can be rice, palm oil, tomato sauce or paste, sardines, vegetables or salmon in a can. No fruits. These items are essential to meal preparation in Ghana.

Outreach Services for women involved in prostitution and sex trafficking:

Outreach Services for women who are homeless:

Outreach for Widows:

Funding for  containers of metal or wood.

1.  Teaching entrerpreunership

2.  Customer service 

3.  Workshops for  violence

4.  Self Defence training 

5.  Work shops for import & export 

6.  Housing assistance info grants through Heaven Flight 

7.  Teaching community safety

8.  American sweet bread making  done for the sells to support Heaven Flight 

9.  College admission fees

10. Vounteer  with us -  rewards  given 

11. Employment counseling  for CV writing 

12. Prayer in Counseling of hebraic teaching.  

13. Food Pantry - free for those on a waiting list who meet our requirements monthly to get food.  

14.  Touch Life Global  Foundation   

in-service  training 




Melissa  Dotson spends late night's in Lapaz the area of prositution in Accra Ghana.  She is successful in reaching  those who want to be off the streets. 

These women involved in prostitution willfully or against their will need more than just food and a place to stay. They need the constant stability of having money and income to get and KEEP them off the streets. Most of them desire to go back to school or to start their own businesses. Most of them want to come out of the lifestyle, but need help in planning their transition and/or escape. 

Here Melissa Dotson in the video taking  action. 

 Here’s a case study about client Regina: Because of the sensitivity of the nature of sex trafficking and the sex industries I will not post her face to protect the confidentiality However, the interview can be viewed here using this secure link

Entrepreneurship program


Gloria of "Family Clothing" in East Legon.  Is the owner. Rental shop your $35.00 a month will take care of rent for her location.  In 1 year her contract is up and, she would like her own container or building. 

One of our core services is providing Entrepreneurship Programs for people who are and who wish to become Entrepreneurs. We believe in teaching people how to become self-sufficient so they can take care of themselves and their families. Global Entrepreneurship keeps everybody working by providing opportunities for many people to become involved on a global scale and even across this Nation.

Heaven Flight will provide Entrepreneurship Workshops for all its clients.  Our workshops will be facilitated by Founder Melissa A. Dotson and her team as the organization deems appropriate.  

Why our Entrepreneurship Program and Workshops are needed

Most of the street stores are set up on dirt roads in Accra Ghana. Most people who rent or own the stores have a lack of understanding due to cultural and lack of business economics. Because of labor regulations and the low wages Entrepreneurship is a solution for many families.

We can help a lot of people to learn proper business protocols and to learn how to run businesses more efficient and effectively. This is where our Entrepreneurship Workshop comes in.

The Heaven Flight Entrepreneurship Workshop

The main objective of the workshop is to provide information on how start, build and grow a businesses as an Entrepreneurs and to learn proper business protocol. In this workshop curriculum clients will learn the following; however, the list is not limited to what we have listed below. There are other parts to this Business and Entrepreneurship curriculum

Opportunities for Market Vendors and business owners. Those who need help with paying their rent. 

Gifting for Entrepreneurs to purchase building containers for small businesses

Business Consulting. 

 Starting a Business in Ghana

Proper Business Ethics and Protocol

Creating and Selling Products

Buying and Selling Goods and Services

Product Line Production

Supply Chain Regulations Proper Food Protocols (as many sell foods in markets)

Proper Financial Record Keeping

Credit and Finances

Borrowing Protocols

Savings and Reserve Protocols

Safety Regulations

Events for Heaven Flight


Harlem NY Feb 2018. Come out for a great event and meet some important people in the film industry. Details coming soon check back in January.

Projects in the making


Melissa Dotson is shooting reality TV esposides for- My Side Hustle.  Updates and more info coming soon. 

Foundations and Businesses. Products and ideas through a licensing agreement from Heaven Flight


Melissa Dotson believes in giving wealth through her gifting. 2018 product launch of her new brand to help foundations like this one.        

Leaders invest!!!

Millions of people suffer and die because of autoimmune diseases every year because they don’t have one of the most basic necessities freely available to them.....medicines. Help us change that.


A few months ago, when I first started coming to Ghana I met a woman on a plane. I am a flight attendant and on a connecting flight I met Sweetness Danso the Executive Director of the Oyemam Autoimmune Foundation in Accra Ghana. We had an instant connection and built a working relationship almost immediately. I am working with the Foundation in a Women's Global Entrepreneurship Program where we are designing a handbag Brand and Product to sell so the Foundation can employ people who have lost their jobs due to lupus and other diseases.

Melissa A. Dotson


Melissa A. Dotson hails from New York City, New York where she was born and raised. Melissa is an Author, Speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Flight Attendant. She is also the Founder of Heaven Flight. A Woman called by God to the Nations to help edify people to take flight. Heaven Flight’s Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Program is located in Accra, Ghana. She is committed to helping people become self-sustainable with her Entrepreneurship and Outreach programs.

Melissa believes no organization should just ask for donations solely to sustain themselves in any global economy. They need to be self-sustainable. Therefore, she created this platform after seeing many ministries that do not help people with skills outside of their church buildings, communities or organizations. With her programs, she will teach and train people how to become self-sustainable in any global economy by providing sustainable employment opportunities for people in need. Gifted with creative inventions and witty ideas Melissa is committed to helping people change their lives one product at a time.

With her Global Entrepreneurship Program, Outreach Services and product development she plans on doing this in Ghana Africa. She has often said, “she would have sold her ideas for 1 cent if it would change the lives of others”. However, she is not selling, yet gifting ideas, skills, products and services to people in need. With a diversified and multi-dimensional background, she is surely changing lives Her background’s diversity includes being gifted with a creative and an inventive spirit. Her early days are reminiscent of learning how to sew early in her life. Her mother Barbara Dash who was a tailor, provided her with her first sewing machine at the age of 9. From there she has been self-taught in everything especially by the Holy Spirit. Her talent and experience allowed her to knit & crochet handmade sweaters and coats. A gifted Seamstress in clothes, custom curtains and bedding. She is also a jewelry designer of a Brand called Poe-Rap-Tic who has jewelry prototypes in hand. In addition, she is a Toy Inventor who is looking forward to launching and marketing her toy products soon. Melissa A. Dotson believes she is sent by God into Ghana for Ghana. She operates in her full mandate with love, honor and integrity for humanity. She is here to assist those who cannot assist themselves. She loves to help others. She is excited to be able to honor God with this Global mission of Entrepreneurship and Outreach.

Melissa often says, “what good is it to be well in this world without giving”? “Giving is the completeness to change anything, by using the gifts God has blessed you with.” If you don't know what those gifts are Melissa and Heaven Flight can help you. She is here to help you awaken them by edifying you to take flight. Heaven Flight people to take flight! Everybody can take flight. Even those who feel left behind. Melissa A. Dotson and Heaven Flight’s purpose is reach those who feel left behind. The least of them. The Heaven Flight Outreach work is all about spreading the gospel with a focus on the lost, widows and orphans. God has said, “Those who are last shall be first.” At the end of the day Melissa wants everything and everyone to be able to take flight. Heaven Flight is all about edifying others to take flight. It’s Time for You To Take Flight!


Melissa A. Dotson, 

Founder of Heaven Flight

Kaufi Praise Ghana photographer

Our Partners


Edifies You

Edifies You - Is a division of Heaven Flight. The first subscription box service out of Ghana.  Organic products for hair, face, body.  Ecommerce store -

Edifies You Empowerment - Conferences and awards.

Ghana Sponsor Melissa Dotson


My Blog

Touch Life Global Foundation. Melissa Dotson a sponsor for

Ghana & Keyna. Food hungry and proverty issues can be no more. Effort with just 2 referals 6 stage of progress. One fee. Nothing else. The company is given you all free in food, gifts, cash, cars. 

Video & picture documentary

Melissa Dotson is creating endeavors to edify others to take flight. The song: Rainmaker - is the essence of who she is in her walk in Accra Ghana . 


Check out this great video

Melissa Dotson, a day in the life of walking as a street vendor in Accra Ghana. She needed to know the pain of what these women do to feed their family.

My Side Hustle Reality Show 60 sec promo

Melissa Dotson is in a competition with 5 other entrepreneurs to win.  What is at stake 2018 ?  Tune in to watch when the show airs on TV.  Six Entrepreneurs picture: Melissa Dotson is the first one on the left of the screen .   

Welcome Aboard

CEO/ Founder- Melissa A. Dotson


Director for mangament and HR

Josephine E. F

Degree in Human resources 

COO - Chief Operating Officer



Women working in Heaven Flight


Emma Theresa Folashade Way -  aisst with programs for prosuition / sex trafficking .  Production / resources of Edifies You 

 Agnes Abolinpoh  - Social Worker 

1.   - Community Liaison

2.   - Community Liaison

1.   - Change Agent

2.   - Change Agent

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